G-pen Kit (1 batt, 1 dried herb atty)



Pack contains:

1 x Ego battery

1 x Dry herb atomiser

1 x USB to 510 thread 420mA charging lead

1 x Spare glass for atomiser

2 x Jars

1 x Cleaning brush

1 x Metal grater

3 x Cleaning tips

1 x Metal spoon/pick tool



For those that want to use dried plant material, we have a fantastic little kit that makes lets you use it on the go, inspired by the device used by Snoop Dogg. Based around a 900mAh ego battery, featuring a high-grade rechargable lithium cell, the will typically last for many hours of continuous vaping and so in normal use last much longer.  In other words, less recharging and less hassle.  

The included atomiser features a small ceramic chamber with a ringed heating coil at the base. As the battery is activated, the coil heats up, igniting the material contained within the glass tube.  A spring from the tip holds the plant material in place and against the coil.  The plastic tip and metal shround ensure the glass contents are secure, protected and discrete whilst the device remains cool on your mouth. 

For those adept at recoiling, the atomiser can be rebuilt using a small screwdriver and resistance wire available in the wire and wicks section.

The device is activated by a manual button switch that glows on activation as does the base of the battery so you can know exactly how long the device fires for. The button also has a 5-click on-off function so that you can prevent it accidentally activating when not in use. It has two different connectors: a smaller female 510 thread and a male Ego thread. These are standard threads in the industry and so the battery compatible with a range of products.  A 420mA 5V USB charger should be used for recharging.

A handy device that lets you choose when and where you activate it and precisely how much and what material you use.  

It comes with a range of accessories to ensure that the device can be kept clean and your herbs can be stored neatly, such as jars for storing plant material, a cleaning brush, a grater for breaking up plant material and a metal tool to assist putting material in the chamber.  


How to use

  1. Attach the glass atomiser to the top of the battery.
  2. Place dried plant material onto the coil inside the atomiser ensuring it is broken up either by grinding or grating prior.
  3. Screw the metal top onto the glass atomiser. 
  4. Press the battery's button 5 times to turn on.
  5. Hold button as you draw in from the drip tip (think sucking a milkshake through a straw).  
  6. Breathe out a pleasant cloud of vapour.
  7. Press the battery's button 5 times to turn off when you're satisfied.



        If you are having problems, you can check the following:

        1. That all connections are screwed in place.  These include the atomiser to the battery and the If something looks loose then it might not have enough of a connection to let the electricity pass.  
        2. Check that the battery is turned on by clicking 5 times.
        3. Check that the battery is charged.  Batteries run out over time.
        4. Get in touch if these don't work and we'll walk you through it :) 



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