Nautilus 2



Made by Aspire and applauded by everyone, the Nautilus series are not just great for vaping, they look beautiful too.  The stainless steel base is sealed to prevent leaking onto the threading with a sprung positive pin to facilitate electrical contact. Airflow comes via the rotatable ring on the base that through spinning allows the holes to be exposed to differing degrees allowing for a tighter or airier draw depending on preference. The base has a standard 510 threading allowing it to be attached to most batteries and mods.

The main chamber is constructed from pyrex glass making it impervious to even the most aggressive e-liquids and has a capacity of 2ml. The glass is shielded by a metal sheath that both finishes the look and provides protection. The top features a standard 510 aperture that allows any compatible drip tip for personalisation, though it comes with its own attractive drip tip ready for use.

Inside the chamber of the Nautilus is a bottom atomiser with dual vertical coils (BVC), allowing solid vape performance with excellent flavour. Liquid enters through the side of this atomiser head whereupon it is heated and then rises through the sealed middle airtube.  The positioning of the atomiser at the base of the device reduces wicking issues, whilst the effective seal on the atomiser coil prevents the airtube flooding.  This atomiser part is replaceable and so simply unscrewing the old one and screwing a new one in can refresh your vape when the time has come. All in, the Nautilus 2 represents one of the best devices on the present market.

Each of the kits includes 2 coils (one already inside the unit), a spare glass tube and replacement o-rings.

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