Mini Protank 3 kit (1 batt, 1 protank)

Usmoke / Kanger


Pack contains:

1 x 2200mAh Battery in steel

1 x Mini Protank 3 tank

1 x USB to 510 thread 420mA charging lead

1 x Lanyard with black cord



Ego batteries are cheap and compact, proving an ideal starting places for vapers. Each battery consists of stainless steel shell containing a high-grade rechargable lithium cell by HGB. Each will typically last for many hours of continuous vaping and so in normal use last much longer.  In other words, less recharging and less hassle.  

The device is activated by a manual button switch that glows on activation so you can control exactly how long the device fires for. The button also has a 5-click on-off function so that you can prevent it accidentally activating when not in use. It has two different connectors: a smaller female 510 thread and a male Ego thread. These are standard threads in the industry and so the batteries are compatible with a range of products. The battery discharges at approximately 3.9V of electricity.  This will provide good performance on all sold attachments. A 420mA 5V USB charger should be used for recharging.


Battery capacity is measured in milliampere hours (mAh).  2200mAh cell is a large cell and so means longer between charges. The total length (including threaded section) of the Ego batteries are 14mm thickness and 94mm length for 2200mAh.


Why use the Mini Protank 3?

The Protank series of bottom coil clearomizer are beautiful attachments.  The advantage of bottom coils is that liquid will always pool at the base of the tank due to gravity.  This keeps it always in close proximity to the atomiser, reducing the risk of wicking issues and accompanying dry burn. In this case, the 1.5ohm atomiser is dual coil meaning there are two resistance wire coils to heat up allowing greater contact with the liquid and fuller vape. Protanks are easily rebuildable meaning the atomiser can be unscrewed from the base and replaced (sold separately) when you feel it isn't giving you quite the vape it did before.

The most unique feature is that the tank body is constructed entirely from pyrex glass and stainless steel. It features no glue points and be completely disassembled by unscrewing. The advantage of pyrex is that it can be used with any e-liquid. Certain e-liquids, such as certain mint, cinnamon, fennugreek and citrus flavours, can weaken the plastics of other tanks over time. The miniprotank is 14mm wide (as wide as an ego battery) and able to hold 1.5ml of liquid. 


At the top of the protanks is an attractively designed removable 510-sized drip tip in stainless steel. This can be used with many other devices making its inclusion with this device a great bargain.  Alternatively, it can be replaced by another differently styled one to make your attachment unique to you.

The mini protank connects via an ego thread and so both are compatible with any of our devices that have this thread type.  


How to use

  1. Turn protank upside down.
  2. Unscrew the bottom portion of the metal base of the protank from main tank body.
  3. Check that atomiser (small pillar attached to base) is firmly screwed in place to removed base.
  4. Pour liquid down inside edge of metal tank rim.
  5. Reattach base to protank.
  6. Turn protank the correct way up and attach to battery.
  7. Cover the airholes on the base with your fingers and suck on the drip tip to force liquid into the atomiser.
  8. Leave the tank for a few minutes for the liquid to soak inside.
  9. Turn your battery on with five clicks to the button and fire it up.



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