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 Flavour + Base = E-liquid

Our range of e-liquids are designed to give you the highest quality at the cheapest prices. Flavourings are made in the UK, the EU and the US to the highest technical standards, they offer a way of customising your vape exactly the way you want it. Naturally people are concerned with what goes into their bodies, so our flavourings and ingredients have been carefully selected with your safety in mind. Unlike some liquids on the market, they are not brightly coloured because they have no added colourants, in keeping with our belief that quality and safety should come ahead of striking visuals. Additionally, all UK ingredients are free of nut and peanut allergens.

How it works - Don't be intimidated!

You need two ingredients: base and flavouring.  You pick the base in the nicotine strength and thickness/runniness you prefer. Then you pick the flavours that you like from our range of flavour concentrates. Then all you have to do is add one to the other to give you a taste combination as strong or as weak as you like. It's as difficult as making orange squash and just as easy on the wallet.  You can make a bottle in less than a minute following the steps below.

  1. Take an empty 10ml e-liquid bottle.
  2. Add a small amount of flavouring to the bottle.  As a rule of thumb, 20 drops is 1ml but most just eyeball it.
  3. Add the base to the bottle.  A ratio of 1 part flavouring to 4 parts base is a good starting point for most flavours.  
  4. Give it a good shake or stir and then let it sit for a bit.
  5. Try some of the mix and if you want a weaker taste then add some more base or strengthen it by adding some more flavouring.  
  6. Recommended - You may wish to add just a few drops of ethyl maltol or sucralose to sweeten and soften the flavours.
  7. Optional - You may wish to steep the liquid (as outlined in our vaping guide) to see how the flavour changes over time. 

Typically for each bottle of 100ml base, you will need 2 to 3 bottles of 10ml flavouring, allowing you the potential to produce well over 100ml of liquid for under a tenner. There's no need to choose just one flavour either, you can combine them in interesting combinations, or just make some of one flavour and some of another.