Tobacco flavouring range

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Tobacco flavoured concentrates made from UK sourced ingredients.

Mild Tobacco - A light woodier toned tobacco for those with a more savoury palette.

USA Tobacco - A darker toned sweet tobacco.

Cured Tobacco - A gentler neutral tobacco, my preferred flavour.

Full Tobacco - A stronger, fuller flavoured tobacco with buttery notes.

RY4 Tobacco - A sweeter, nuttier tobacco flavour.

RY5 Tobacco - A warm tobacco flavour, similar to cured but with stronger tones.

If you prefer your tobacco flavours sweetened or softened add a few drops of ethyl maltol or sucralose.  The difference can be remarkable. You may find that your preferred tobacco is mix of different ones, or with added notes of vanilla, coffee, etc.


These contain no nicotine or added colourings. They are in liquid form to aid mixing. They are not intended to be vaped directly, but rather added to a mixed base to create flavoured e-liquid. For flavouring e-liquid, a typical mix is 80% base to 20% flavouring, though users may choose to add less or more flavouring according to preference. Flavours can be combined to create new and interesting flavour profiles.

Our flavours come in a 10ml or 60ml bottles with an eyedropper tip.

Taste is a personal matter and descriptions are personal opinions. These products are not available to sale for under 18s and are not recommended for pregnant women.

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