Resistance Wire



If you want to rebuild your coils yourself, you'll need supplies.  We stock A1 kanthal resistance wire in a range of gauges.  The finer the wire, the higher the resistance but also the more fragile the wire becomes. Typically vapers use finer gauges for standard resistance builds and thicker gauges for lower resistance builds; however, some users may wish to plait finer wire to create lower resistance builds from it with increased contact area. 

It is recommended you heat your wires and wicks prior to use to with e-liquid to ensure that they are as clean as possible to ensure you get the fullest flavour available.

Remember to always coil your resistance wire (typically between 5 and 10 times). This increases the resistance by increasing the length of wire between the positive and negative poles. Most people coil their wire either directly around the wick or around a small drill bit before threading their wick through. Please be careful when making your own coils and remember that users are responsible for their own safety when doing so.

N.B. Please not that any multiple of wicks or wire will be provided in a continuous length unless requested otherwise, so if you order 2 x 1m of Wire, it will be provided in a single 2m length.

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