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    Available as a kit or body only.


    Kit contains:

    1 x E-Pipe mechanical body

    3 x 800mAh Efest 18350 High Drain IMR flat-top batteries

    1 x Boge F17 cartomiser tank

    1 x Spare cartomiser

    1 x Aluminium drip tip

    1 x Efest Soda mains battery charger

          or Luc V4 mains battery charger with car adapter



    Mechanical mods feature no electronics (except the separate removable battery) and so there are fewer points of failure and tend to be more robustly constructed.  They have a higher initial price point but can offer a more stylish vaping apparatus and a lower life time cost because as battery life wanes with time, you can simply replace to a new battery inside.  

    The e-pipe body is solid brass with a chrome plate.  Made by Unicig, it is activated by the spring loaded switch on the top. The bottom of the e-pipe body unscrews to take the lithium ion 18350 battery. The included batteries are manufactered by Efest, a well regarded battery company.  They are IMR, meaning they feature a lithium-manganese compound that offers a higher output and safer battery chemistry than alternative lithium compounds. This comes at the slight cost of reduced capacity compared to some similarly sized lithium ICR batteries but you get 3 in the pack so who cares? It features a sunken 510 thread on the stem, giving a neat finish for 510 accessories but requiring an 510-ego adaptor (sold separately) for those accessories that require an ego thread (note that most clearomisers actually attach via the 510 thread and so can be used with this).

    The included F17 cartomizer tank, my preferred way of vaping,combines the benefits of the clear tanks of clearomizers with the simple power of cartomizers.  You should find you have plumes of vapour courtesy of the low resistance 1.6 to 2.0ohm Boge cartomizer inside whilst the surrounding tank lets you see how much liquid remains and gives you plenty of extra volume.

    Should the cartomizer inside need replacing, you can use the spare flanged cartomizer with 2 pre-punched holes included or you could buy our XL cartomizers and punch holes in them yourself to suit the thickness of the liquid you want to vape. Either way they provide an economical way of vaping.

    Whilst the included F17 tank includes a black plastic drip tip, I have included an aluminium drip tip to allow easy refilling of the tank (it can be filled without removing the tip) and to provide a full metal look for those that favour it.

    The Efest Soda charger included can charge two batteries simultaneously.  It indicates with a red LED when it is charging and a green LED when the battery is fully charged.  The charger can choose between a 0.5A (for 18350 size) or 1A (for 18500 and 18650 size) output via toggle switch on the back to select the safest fastest way to charge different batteries.

    The Luc V4 is a 4-bay charger that allows fast charging of a range of battery sizes. Each charging bay is an independent spring loaded slot.  It has three different charging outputs 0.5A, 1A and 2A that can be chosen between. It features a LCD screen that displays numerical voltage readings (precise to one decimal place) and battery capacity levels (in bar format akin to mobile phone signal strength) of the batteries. Handy for those that begrudge using a multimeter to check battery voltage before use.  The kit comes included with a mains UK plug adaptor and a car adaptor. The device also features a USB slot on the side, allowing controlled charging of most USB compatible devices, such as Ego batteries, via the discharge of a battery in the second slot.

    This pack is a versatile system that contains all the technology you need to advance your vaping when you are ready. The only thing extra you need is E-liquid that is purchased separately.

     N.B.  Some experienced vapers may consider this device an "electro-mechanical mod" because it does have internal wiring between the stem and the neck of the pipe.  It does not, however, feature any electronics and so has the advantages and disadvantages of a full mechanical.


    How to use the pipe mod

    1. Unscrew the base.
    2. Insert charged 18350 battery, positive end first.
    3. Rescrew the base.
    4. Attach primed and filled F17 cartomizer tank.
    5. Press button on top of stem to activate.
    6. Draw in hot vapour with your mouth.
    7. Remove battery and recharge in charger when you notice a drop in performance (battery voltage drops below 3.6V).  Avoid fully discharging battery to preserve battery life.  See vaping guide for advice on battery safety and use.


    How to use the F17

    1. To fill the F17 make sure it is unscrewed from the battery.
    2. Remove the drip tip and slide the cartomizer from the tank.
    3. Tilt the cartomizer and then gently drip the liquid down the side of the metal tube onto the fibres inside. Wait for the fibres to absorb the liquid and then apply more. 
    4. When no more liquid can be absorbed, leave the cartomizer upright for a few of minutes. If the liquid is absorbed then apply more. If the liquid remains unabsorbed or has leaked from the bottom then the fibres are saturated and the cartomizer is full.  This is called "priming" the cartomiser.
    5. Do not attempt to use the cartomizer without liquid in it. This will cause dry burn leading to an unpleasant taste from the singed fibres.  
    6. Slide the cartomizer halfway into the tank.
    7. Now tilt the tank and pour liquid into the tank directly, so that it pools around the cartomizer.
    8. Slide the cartomizer fully home into the tank so that the flange rests firmly against the base.
    9. Give the cartomizer a minute for the space in the fibres to be filled by liquid entering it from the tank through the small holes present in the cartomizer's sides.
    10. Replace the drip tip to the open end of the cartomizer.
    11. It is optional to blow through the drip tip onto a tissue at the other end to ensure that the air tube is clear.
    12. Screw the tank/cartomizer onto the mod.
    13. Hit the e-pipe button and draw through the drip tip.  A warm vapour should be produced.  You are now vaping.
    14. It sounds complicated but you only have to prime the cartomiser once when first you use it, it can thereafter be directly filled by simply adding the liquid to the tank.  So it takes a few minutes to first get it ready for use and thereafter it is simplicity itself.
  • E-Pipe Mechanical Mod
  • E-Pipe Mechanical Mod
  • E-Pipe Mechanical Mod
  • E-Pipe Mechanical Mod
  • E-Pipe Mechanical Mod
  • E-Pipe Mechanical Mod
  • E-Pipe Mechanical Mod
  • E-Pipe Mechanical Mod

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